Tuesday, October 4, 2011

April 2011

I have been absent from blogging for more than a season now! holy dang! Well, I am back and just so you know, we are all alive! Here's a recap of April 2011: (note.....the pictures are completely out of order....sorry, thats one thing i hate about blogger, and the fact that rearranging things on the page is nearly impossible.)

I quit my job the week before we moved so I could have time to get things ready for the movers and so I could have a little time to see people and do utah things.

The movers came on April 25 and were able to pack the entire house and load it in one day. Which was no small feat...we have a LOT of stuff! this is just Lilly's bedroom! they were at our house from about 9am-8or 9pm! it was crazy! Gigi watched Lilly and Mike, my mom, and I spent the day at the house with the movers. I was extremely pregnant and exhausted so I was very little help until I finally left and went to take care of Lilly. There were so many boxes everywhere that I had a hard time fitting in places....I couldn't walk through the kitchen and they had to move all the boxes out of the tiny bathroom so I could go......You'll see why in the last pic!
Mike graduated from Utah Valley University on April 29, 2011.

We took some random family pics before we were no longer a family of three....so I uploaded the wrong pic to this blog...my eyes are closed...it was sunny. The ones we had printed up were better and mike edited them.....a new hobby he picked up.

Lilly got to dye eggs at Gigi's house for easter. She had a blast, but would not eat any of the eggs.

My middle little brother, Chase, was called to serve in the Johannesburg, South Africa mission. He took his endowments out at the Jordan River Temple (which is where I took mine out and where our parents were married) before we moved while everyone was all together for commissioning and graduation. It was a great experience to go with him. This is him, my parents and the grandparents that were there.

Mike commissioned into the U.S. Air Force as an officer on April 22, 2011. His mom and I were able to pin on his 2nd Lt rank. Lilly entertained everyone during the process. THe entire auditorium was rolling. She's such a little ham! She walked up to the edge of the stage where my dad was standing to take pics and she was posing for the pictures and was making faces at everyone. Such a stinker!
Before pinning Mike on he was sworn in by Lt. Col Steve Leftwich (aka....my dad).

We moved when I was 35 or 36 weeks. It all kinda runs together at the end. I know that this picture was at 35 weeks. We were already out of our house, staying at Gigi's. The was another picture taken at this time that showed how I was feeling....not pretty at all. When people tell me they get HUGE when they are pregnant, I don't really feel bad for them! Look at me!!!!! hehe! and still 5 weeks to go!!! ahhhh!


Jacob, Amber, and Baby Kyla said...

yeah! We love seeing updates, even if they are old ones! I talked to your Grandmas at Melissa's baby shower and they said you were doing well! Hope that's true! You will have to post some more pictures of those cute little girls soon! Have fun!

Mitchell and Kadi Heath said...

I think you look great! And I love Miley's name! Congratulations and good luck to Mike in IFS!