Sunday, August 23, 2009

This summer....

People keep telling me to put some pictures up. we've been a bit busy and blogging is never at the top of my list of things to do. however, here are a bunch of pictures from a few things this summer. there are still more pictures on the camera to be loaded, these are what are already on the computer. enjoy!

Fourth of july, the day daddy got home from field training. We went and watched the fireworks at the stadium of fire. we were just across the street. after we finally got lilly to look at them instead of the cars on the street, she was fascinated.
We got passes to seven peaks. lilly loves to stand and splash in the water. daddy goes and plays on the slides and mommy and lilly hang out in the baby and wave pools.
Lilly is started her quest to be a domestic goddess early in life. she loves to help with the unfold it mostly.
We hiked stuart falls up at sundance. it was not the funnest thing i've ever done. lilly was a little small for the hiking backpack. she pretty much screamed non stop the whole way. this is the beginning of the hike. she was happy at first.
after screaming for a while, mom took the backpack. lilly liked pulling mommy's ponytail...for a bit.

we went to st. george for a weekend, just to getaway. mike pricelined the hilton garden in...and we got it for $45 a night! it was awesome. a little in 107 degrees at 9:30pm!! we mostly hung out at the pool and in our room. we decided that we were cursed having a gorgeous baby...whenever we are out to eat we never get to finish our meal because everyone has to come up to our table and talk to lilly and touch her and talk to annoying!! anyway, lilly liked playing on the big king size bed.
lilly loves to be nakey....don't worry, she's a got a diaper on....still in st. george
i looked over to see if lilly was still taking a nap and she was just laying there looking at me...and she would smile and just kept laying there. sooo stinkin cute!

we did a little shopping at the St. george outlets. including going to the rocky mtn. chocolate factory. lilly LOVED the apple core from our caramel apple. she was very sticky! when we go shopping, lilly usually gets a ton and we get nothing....we have no control apparently
playing peekaboo around the couch. she just kept looking at me standing in the door way... this was before she could crawl. she's been crawling for a couple of weeks now. she'll be walking pretty soon.
hanging out after some milk at 7 peaks. mike and my brother spencer and his gf kim were still on the slides.
taking a bath in grammy and poppy's new 5th wheel at tinney's flat at Gigi's family reunion. we made a huge water mess all over the counter....
lilly thought it was lots of fun to play with the drinking water attachment...good thing she wasn't strong enough to really give herself a cold shower!
we went to snowbird for one night and lilly had fun with the shops.
after about 10 tries we finally got a good picture of lilly, but daddy had to be a day we'll get a good family pic!