Thursday, March 26, 2009

SCIDM 2009

This whole school year Mike has been getting up around 5am and heading down to BYU for ROTC Drill practice. He has suffered bumps and bruises and cuts galore, and even had an xray of his wrist (thanks to the "wrist breaker"). It was all to get ready for the Southern California Invitational Drill Meet or SCIDM.
Mike and Tyler went to SCIDM last year as supporters of the team. Mike was thoroughly impressed and decided it would be a good thing for him to it would help him be more prepared for Field Training this su
mmer. Anyway, they worked really hard on their routine, marching and memorizing "warrior knowledge" to get ready for the competition. Last year the team didn't pass inspection, took first in regulation (marching) and got 2nd in the exhibition phase. They ended up taking 2nd overall, losing by two points to the Air Force Academy.....that was the motivation for the team this year. They just wanted to kick the Air Force Academy's trash...funny story about that.....
The trip included driving to Edwards AFB, CA and then we went to LA AFB before the team performed in the Anaheim Angels Stadium parking lot.
The team took 2nd in inspection, 1st in regulation and 2nd in exhibition. Then there was the 4 man team who took 3rd and Color Guard took third as well (i think...maybe not right...oh well)..they took first overall...and were ecstatic! However, the air force academy wasn't in attendance, which we found out a few weeks e
arlier.  West Point Military Academy was there though.....but we still won! 
Getting ready for Inspection

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

an Angel's Blessing

Lilly was blessed on March 1, 2009. No, we did not change her is Lilly Anastasia Robertson. She was blessed by her daddy, Michael Lynn Robertson, Jr. Lots of friends and family came to our ward. She truly is loved. Her circle was quite large, I guess it would be with family taking up 4 center rows at church! 
Those standing in her
 blessing circle included:
Mike, Grandpa Robertson, Grandpa Leftwich, Great Grandpa Leftwich, my cousins Andrew, Keith, and Chuck; Mike's bro Ray, my uncles Sean, David and Brad and our Bishop.

Lilly wore my blessing dress, my tights and my baby ring. It was very sweet. She also had a beautiful pink satin, quilted blanket similar to mine.
After the blessing there was a lunch at Mike's parents' house. Tons of food and gabbing.