Sunday, May 23, 2010

How well do you know us?

Last night I got a little buzzed and how did it happen you say?

Did we:
1. go to the bar down the street and enjoy a crazy night of karaoke.

2. Enjoy a bottle of champagne and a romantic evening.

3. Take 2 shots of Nyquil and feel like our heads were exploding.

If you picked 3 you guessed right. Maddie and I have twin sinus/head colds that are terrible and we don't feel to well. I think we got it through daycare. Lille had it first and now its our turn to bask in the coughing slimy nastiness of the cold.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dr Doofenshmirtz

So the Doctor told us that when Lilly play's with her food that it is a good thing. "it builds her creative skills" I am not too happy about that cause all it has lead to was todays disaster! Do I really need to narrate this picture? Have you ever tried to get Vaseline off of your hands? how about the whole Damn container of it? And your couch? Yeah so much fun . . . . . . . . . . Oh and Thanks Doc!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Date Night

Last night Mads and I went on a fun date. But to make things even better I borrowed a Porsche 911 from a dear friend for the night. So we ruled the town going to Cafe Rio YUM and then went to Iron Man 2, AWESOME. Ya know I felt kinda like Tony Stark coming out of the theater and climbing into the Porsche. It was fun and fast we grabbed some RED MANGO and then went back to GIGI's to pick up Lilly. It was a very fun date.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In over my head.

I felt the title to this one might be appropriate. We have lived in our home for just over 3 years and we are feeling a little cramped and also a bit tired of some things about the house. I admit at times we have just complained, well Instead of complain anymore I felt like doing something about it. First we looked at what we could do on the inside and have done a few little things, Bathroom upgrades, ceiling fans, carpet etc. and then thinking of some big things it just looks as if we would be spending 20-25K on the house. So I have come up with a much better alternative to liven up our home and make it more livable for a lot less money. So here we go with some Original pictures.

As you can see the house was built in the 40's and probably hasn't changed a whole lot since.
Here are my ever so awesome renovation plans. I want to cover the ugly rod iron pillars in the front with cedar planks and maybe add some fake stone on the bottom. I plan to raise the garden in front to make it cleaner and separate from the lawn. I want to sand all the red pillars and the garage doors and stain them to match the front pillars. A natural wood color. I want the house to have the craftsman style so we are going to paint it a tanish brown and accent with a darker green. The backyard needs help. The door out the back that is now two windows is a must and I want to make it more of a nice space that we can hang out in and enjoy. I don't know how to do all of what I want so I hope to get help along the way. But I just hope that I don't get "in over my head" with something I can't finish.
To show that I am motivated I have posted two pictures of what I have done in just over a week. I have sanded the pillars and now today started on the garage doors. I am very excited and like this because everyday I do more and can see my progress. I figure that posting it now instead of a before and after will keep me motivated while I update the blog with new additions to the renovation.
She Likes Her Dad (Halloween 2009)
Today I woke up with Maddie at 4:45 because the alarm (set to the radio) went off so loud I thought I had crapped myself even if it was Celine Dion it was scary. Then after Mads left I couldn't go back to sleep. I kept having anxiety about Maddie and worrying, so I came out to the computer and read the Nie Nie Dialogues, she is so funny. I am reading the old blogs from 2005 and she puts some great stories on. Well I made it back to sleep for 15 min and then Lilly woke up. Luckily for me one of our newer traditions is to snuggle on the couch together and watch Mickey Mouse. She is such an angel. So we are pals for the summer while I am doing summer online classes and not working. I am going to see if I can get some more work on the house done. More about that later

A while back we went to Discovery Gateway because they have an incredible military discount. Lilly had a blast, she started with the balls where you could send them flying up tubes and arounds this huge room or you could send down
tube slides. She was having so much fun. Next she found a
house that was
tiny, she loved the chairs and the little kitchen complete with tiny plastic food.
Her favorite part by far was the water, they had a section for little
kids and older kids, she didn't care and played
in both. and unlike the other kids she didn't
have an apron so she got soaked and just kept playing. It
was a great
and she really loved it.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Today I am inspired by light. Usually I keep the curtain closed and enjoy the cave-like gloom of my house, today it was time for a change so I opened all the curtains in every room and Yesterday My bud Tyler and I removed the metal awning covering the kitchen windows. The house is full of light and it feels great, it makes me want to be productive and happy. Plus I feel good about not using any lights.

Time to catch up!

Maddie love's to blog and scrap and does an extremely good job at in but she is tied up with work for the time being. She works so hard for this family full time, and I mean full time. the routine starts at 4:45 where she gets up gets ready and I slip out of my coma for a sweet kiss and to have her tell me something that I wont remember come the afternoon. She spends her day at the Development center in American Fork, her job demands a lot from her which anyone who is a nurse understands that anything and everything happens during a nurses shift. Listening to the stories I can't imagine some of the things she takes care of but am glad she does such a good job at it. After 8 hours she is back home and back into mommy mode, Lilly loves her mommy so much and gets so happy to see Mads when she gets home. Maddie gets to follow Lilly around the house playing with toys, reading etc. She is an amazing mother and gives so much to our family. WIth all of this taking her time and energy blogging comes low on a what seems endless list.
So I Mike have decided i'll attempt to keep up on our blog and let you know how our family is doing. We have quite a bit going on and want to share it with everyone.