Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dumbest Day Ever...

last month all the guys mike works with sold over 500 accounts and that meant that they got a trip to a theme park, wives include. well, there just so happens to be like 4 theme parks within 3 hours of where we live right now. Hershey Park, 6 Flags America, King's Dominion, and Busch Gardens. well, the first three are the closest, cheaper and all have a water park in the park...which you don't have to pay extra for. but did the two managers pick any of those or listen to anything anyone else had to say??? of course not. they decided that we were going to Busch Gardens which has the fewest rides out of all of the parks and is an hour further away than any of the others, and didn't have a water park. they didn't care that the one person who is FROM the baltimore area said that King's Dominion was the better park. they didn't care that tickets were $20 more per person. they didn't care that i couldn't ride the rides but that i could at least go to the water park.
we went on wed. it SUCKED! mike had a good time riding the rides. he rode one of the roller coasters 11 times! i on the other hand rode one thing between 10:30am and 6pm. i wore mike's aviator sunglasses for the first half of the day because when he would leave me outside of the ride to wait the 30 min-1 hour for him to go through the line and ride, i would just sit there and cry (the added emotionality is soooo much fun! not!) all in all i was able to ride three rides (the rapids, the big splash ride, and a 4-D sit in a chair that moves ride.....BORING) we didn't leave until like 10pm, then we had to drive home 3 hours.....omigoodnes!
and to make things worse, the managers also decided to have a bbq the night before we went to the park....and by night i mean it started after 10pm and then the guys played volleyball. no one went home till after 1am and everyone had to be ready to leave by 7am! then at least one of the managers complained about being tired and since he was driving FORCED the people who rode in his car to leave when HE was ready. maybe they should think things through a bit???? an on top of all of this...apparently no one understood that there was a water park at the other parks. they just took the manager's word that busch gardens was the best, only one of them having even been to it.....when he was freakin 13 years old!!!!!! what the HECK!?

p.s. i'll put pics up later...they won't load right now for some reason

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

new york

alyssa, my best friend from high school just so happens to live in bath, NY, a charming little podunk town in southern NY. it's about 4 hours from us in baltimore. so we decided to go for a visit during the weekend of the 4th because mike had it off. it was a bit of a drive and we didn't get there until 4am, but it was way fun and a good escape from our boring life. alyssa's family has a really nice house and a fairly big pool, so we had fun just relaxing by the pool a lot. we also got to meet a few of alyssa's friends and a bunch of her extended family that i didn't know before.

somehow we keep "lucking out" and randomly come across anything and everything that has to do with air planes and aviation....yup, there was the 100th anniversary of the 5000 ft flight of Glen Curtiss, who happened to hold the very first pilot's license issued....and of course there was a museum about him...which i made mike go to alone. i'm sorta airplane/space/aviationed out.

anyway. it was way fun to see alyssa again since i hadn't seen her since my wedding day. she's gonna come see us one more time before we head home. her sister lives about 30 min from us, so that works out perfectly! yay for friends!!!!