Friday, April 2, 2010

It's gotta get better, right?

It seems like we've had an endless streak of rotten luck this year so this point I'm under the impression that things can only get better.....*fingers crossed*


It was the first Thursday in February. I had just called Mike as I was getting into the Equinox to head home...calling to let him know I was on my way. However, about 5 minutes later my ride home was extended quite a bit. I was driving my regular route home, on a road that has no stop signs in the direction I was travelling. The stop signs are all at the intersections going perpendicular to the road I was on. Well, I was coming up to one such intersection and noted another small SUV that was approaching the stop sign...well, as I went into the intersection I realized that the other driver was not going to stop and just as I was almost through the intersection (remember that I had no stop sign and the other driver did have one) I saw out of the corner of my eye that the other car was in-fact not stopping or slowing down at all. The back right end of my vehicle was smashed, causing my car to do a complete 360 before stopping. My airbags didn't deploy and I wasn't really jerked around, just scared to death. I know that I didn't even scream though because I wasn't sure what had happened. I did a quick check of myself to see if I was ok and then searched for my phone to call Mike to tell him someone had hit me. He of course drove like a mad man to where I was. Luckily he had Lilly and she wasn't in the car with me. I was totally fine and the paramedics and cops couldn't believe how calm I was. Turns out the other driver hurt her hand. She was 71, on oxygen, driving basically the same car as me, and pulling her rascal scooter behind her car....unfortunately her insurance company was state-farm, who are terrible to work with...mike had to fight them for 24 hours to get us a rental car that wasn't a compact car....they claimed it was the law that they could only provide the bare minimum.....WRONG-O!! and they also said they hadn't talked to their client mike called the other driver, asked if she'd given a statement to her insurance...and she he had state-farm the end they paid for my car to be repaired, and that's all.....we may still fight for diminuition of value...cause the car was a 2008 Chevy Equinox 2LT with only 35000 we will probably loose $6000 if we try to sell it.....not happy!

Then on our anniversary Mike got a call from his commander at ROTC telling him that he did not get a pilot slot, but instead got a CSO slot which is basically what "Goose" on "Top Gun" is....or a navigator for those of you who know my dad. He was extremely heartbroken. He is however on the alternate list and is one of only about 60 people in the nation on the alternate list...we don't know how high up on the list he is, but our fingers are crossed that he will get bumped up to a pilot slot to fulfill his about putting a damper on our 3rd anniversary.

we made it through february alive and were getting ready for a cruise in march, just mike and me.....


The day before our cruise, Mike was running some errands with Lilly. Shortly after I got home from work he called to tell me that he was on his way 3 minutes later he called again....and now his truck was totalled.....GREAT!....Lilly was with him.....luckily the other car was a mustang and mike's truck just pushed it...they didn't get jerked really in the truck but the airbags deployed and the noise woke lilly up and really scared her... my mom was here to watch lilly so we jumped in the car headed down to get mike and lilly.....still working on this fun part of our lives.....we were a one car family for over a week last week when the car we were borrowing from my gpa mark completely lost its suspension.....

and then to top things off...i was called into the director of nursing's office this week and was told that the superintendent of where I work denied myself and the other girl who just got her RN from being promoted to RN wages and an RN position. yeah, pretty much no one likes the superintendent.....and not just for that i've feverishly been applying anywhere that i hiring RN's...not caring how much experience they want RNs to have.........we're having a fast the week after General Conference in hopes that I get another job. Mike's done at Cabelas because we were told I'd be getting RN pay....then that happened.....

It's gotta get better....right?

on a happier note...our cruise was awesome!!! we will post pictures soon!