Monday, September 29, 2008

Date Night

i think anyone who is married can justify that lots of different things can cou
nt as date night. here's an example....mike hurt his back really bad on saturday helping someone move a gun safe. the worst part is that we don't even know the people. he's basically been in agony the past few days, which also involves keeping me
 up at night cause he moans and groans and tosses
 and turns...valium is in the plan for tonight. anyway, the Legacy Center "aquatic center" has a good sized hot tub so we decided to go so he could sit in it and hoped that it would help his back. while he got to play in the hot water and relax, i just dangled my feet in. that's one thing i miss about not being tubs! anyway, he also likes the slide because it is pitch black inside, which makes it pretty dang fun. mike had fun taking pictures in the slide. during the swim break we got some nachos, a pretzel and a cookie with some loose change from home. then we went back to swimmin
g. we finished the night by playing around in the kid area with the camera....p.s. it's waterproof.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Girl

here's a few pics from 4 weeks ago, when we found out we were having a girl. i'm slow at getting them up, i know. but last night/this morning i had a dream that i had the baby and it turned out to be quadruplets and they were all boys! ahhh! we had no clothes or anything like that...and i was never big enough to have quads in my belly. it was crazy. anyway. this is our baby girl. at my 20 week appointment everything checked out great. all of her organs look good. spine looks good. no cleft lip/palate. the only problem was that she was being a stinker and wouldn't let us see that she was a girl. first she had one hand down in the way. so we decided to finish checking other things and then go back and look again. this time she had her legs crossed way too tight and we couldn't see. so the tech was bouncing the ultrasound on my belly. (keep in mind that i had downed 24oz in the last hour and my bladder was very big on the ultrasound). this wasn't working so she had me go to the bathroom and come back and she tried again. the stinker still wouldn't uncross her legs! i tried rolling around, she tried having me lay on my side and doing the ultrasound. eventually we just gave up for a bit and i went to my doctors' visit and drank some apple juice (my fav). i kept trying to move the dang baby around during this little break. so we went back into the ultrasound and nada! she was being such a stinker! she would NOT move! finally, we got her bouncing enough that her legs parted just a bit and we saw that it was a girl!!! hooooray! i had been hoping it was a girl but we thought it was going to be a boy. my family on the other hand were positive that it was a girl, so much so that my mom and mike had a war going that it was a girl/boy. my mom bought mike pink onsies for his b-day which was the day before the ultrasound. so mike had to call her and break the news. his parents were also positive that it was a boy, so he had to tell them they were wrong too! hahaha! so now we have lots of pink stuff. it's way fun and we're way excited. here's a couple pics.....
It's a GIRL!
I think she has her daddy's nose!
One foot.....
.....Two feet!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things that are BIG

i haven't posted in a long time, i know. i hate posting without pictures and someone stole our camera out of our car when we were on our way home from baltimore and were stopped in colorado at my parents'. but this saturday we were able to replace the camera....yay! so, along with replacing the camera, we replaced our couch! haha...kinda on accident. we went to the RC Willey Outlet tent sale and saw this sectional and we got an awesome deal on yeah, now we have a bunch of furniture to sell. it's sooo comfy and so big and we love it soo much! unfortunately we sold our kitchen table and chairs before we went to baltimore because we never sat at it to eat (the kitchen lighting stinks). we always just ate on the couch and now we don't want to eat on the new one, so we just sit on the floor. great fun when you're pregnant! haha...
we actually planned ahead for sunday and we took fixin's over to Teri and Sean's to make shishkabob skewers complete with chicken, steak, shrimp, onions, zucchini, and peppers. gma Toddy came too and provided a yummy salad. we made SOOOOO much food! it was crazy! it was so yummy though. everyone kept eating and eating and eating. i'm pretty sure there are still like 3 skewers in the fridge. oh yeah, and we had Harward corn on the cob too. yeah buddy!

Thanks for maning the grill Teri!!!!

in other news...i'm am 24 weeks tomorrow. our baby girl is constantly kicking my bladder, making my days nothing but trips to the bathroom. she's our little wiggle-worm and she has even moved a few times for her daddy to feel it. i think she knows when he puts his hand on my belly to feel, because she stops moving when he does. mike says it's because she's already a daddy's girl and she just wants him close and then she calms down. i think it's because she already takes after him, which means she's a stinker. i'm definately starting to look like i'm not just fat, which is nice for me. haha. none of my normal clothes fit, including shirts, unless i want the bottom of my belly to hang out. thanks again to Aunt Teri for lending me her maternity clothes!