Monday, January 26, 2009

Finally Here!

After much waiting and many uncomfortable nights and days, weeks upon weeks of swollen ankles, 6 bottles of tums, not being able to wear my wedding ring for 3 months, being at a 2 and 70-80% for 4 weeks, having my membranes stripped twice and going 6 days past my due date....LILLY ANASTASIA ROBERTSON is finally here!

I was induced on Monday, January 19, 2009. I was called at 7:30am to be informed that they would be ready for me at 8:30. After I got there the nurse, with very tiny hands and short short short fingers checked me and was way off from what the doctor had me have to meet a 10 on the Bishops scale to be induced before 41 weeks for your first baby at the AF hospital. I had been at an 8 for the last 3-4 weeks and the nurse said I was a 6 so she wouldn't even start my IV until the doctor came because they might send me home (i was 41 weeks the next day)...DUMB! of course he wouldn't send me home!

After two hours of waiting..Doctor Haskett came up to check me himself (monday is C-Section day). By then I had another nurse, thank goodness...her hands weren't as small so I didn't hurt so much. This nurse started my IV and hooked me up to the monitors. When Dr. H came in Lilly had a couple of late decelerations and he said "oh, I guess you have to stay" was funny. Because he took so long, Mike gave him a new name...Dr. Hasselhoff.

They started me on Pitocin and the contractions came and stayed. I asked for my epidural before things got too bad and before the Dr. came to break my water. It's a super strange feeling...I really couldn't move my legs which sorta got annoying..but I was so relaxed. Unfortunately I had to be redosed twice towards the end of my labor. Lilly was OP and it was making me have horrendous contractions in my back. All I could do was cry and try to breathe through them. Mike was great holding my hand and watching them on the screen. I don't know what I would have done if my mom and Mike weren't there!

I had to have oxygen on a few times because Lilly's heart rate was a little wacko every now and then...but the oxygen seemed to calm her down. It took me a while to dilate completely....after I finally got to a five, I went really fast. The nurse called the Dr. and had me start pushing. Once Dr. Hasket got there he started talking about needing to use forceps because she wasn't tolerating the pushing. Then he said that if she continues to have such major drops in her heart rate, he was gonna take me back for a C-Section and things would go really fast. At this point Mike was basically scared to death, trying to play it cool and not show it. My mom and I were suprizingly calm throughout the whole thing...being nurses probably had something to do with it. Thankfully the forceps were only needed for a few pushes and our little angel was here. Because she was delivered via forceps, the Dr. had to cut her cord fast to hand her off to respiratory and the nursery nurse. Right as he cut it, Mike leaned in a bit and got sprayed really good. His face was covered. The look on his face was priceless...because of it though, he didn't cry when he finally got to see his baby girl.

Lilly came into this world at 9:45pm on January 19, 2009. She weighed 7lbs5oz and was 19.5in long. I only pushed for about 20 min total. She is absolutely perfect in every way. She had super long fingers and toes and fairly big hands and feet to go with them. She looks just like my 2 day old picture but has more hair than I did. Feedings are going great and she's a great sleeper, once we get her to bed...she thinks she needs to eat twice after her bath before she'll stay asleep...but she only wakes up like once during the night...usually between 2 and 5...which is awesome, but when once she's up it's for 2 hours. Which means mommy is up for 2 hours. But then she'll sleep again for like 3-4 hours, so mommy gets a little more sleep.

She's now just over a week old and doing awesome. She's such a joy. We can't help but just watch her whatever she's doing. She is such a blessing to have in our home. We love her so incredibly much.

My mom was here for a long time before Lilly got here and was only able to stay for about a week after her birth. It was hard to see her go and I still cry because I miss her, wishing she was here to help me and keep me company while Mike's at work and school. I'm so thankful for everything she did for us. I hope I'll be able to live up to the mommy standard she set for me. She's the best mom anyone could ask for and I'm so blessed to be her daughter.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Equinox

So some of you may know about my "crap wagen"...also known as a volkswagen passat. Well...the driver's side door didn't lock, the alarm didn't work, the windows were known to roll down when the car was already off for a while, and the interior lights didn't work, among other things.  We actually got it sold and ended up getting $500 more than our asking price. We took some time to look at different Chevy Equinoxes and test drove a couple, coming very close to buying two different ones. With the help of Mike's dad and his connections we were able to get an awesome deal!

We ended up with a 2008 2LT Chevy Equinox in Slate Gray, our color of choice. It has 18000 miles and the following perks....... leather seats, seat warmers in the front, electric seats, wood grain, 17" wheels, AWD and lots of other fun stuff. It's such a great car! I love it!!!! We got an awesome interest rate and didn't have to change our approved loan or anything like that. Our payments will be very manageable, and above all, our sweet baby girl will be safe!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Year in Review: 2008

One of my friends did this on her blog and I thought it looked like a good idea. Plus I'm bored outta my mind at work (which isn't bad with only 10 days till my due date...better than nonstop running) and am trying to not fall asleep...something the nurse I'm working with today was incapable of. She's been asleep for like 30 min! haha.... is our 2008 year in review....

January - Our first New Years as a married couple. Mike joined ROTC at BYU to see if he wanted to be in the Air Force after he graduates.

February - One year anniversary! Rocky is one year as well. Mike decided we were going to go on a cruise and booked it (thank you Pell Grants!)

March - Spring break for us...we went on a Mexican Riviera Carnival cruise. It was 7 nights and it was awesome!!! Two days after we got home I took my NCLEX-PN and passed, recieving my LPN nursing license!

April - I stopped birth control without telling Mike, thinking it would take us a while to concieve...guess not...two weeks later I was pregnant, but didn't know it. We went to France to visit Grandma Gisele after school ended at the end of the month. Mike got his Private Pilot License.

May - We cut our week trip to Europe short after 4 days because Grandpa Keith died and his funeral was a few days before our original date of return. We moved (drive) to Baltimore, Maryland for Mike to do summer sales (NEVER AGAIN) Rocky stayed with my family in Colorado and was spoiled. Found out I was pregnant. Learned that we don't like the east coast. Mike has a new love....Blue Crab....Obrycki's is his new favorite place to eat....much cheaper than his other fav, Ruth's Chris.

June - Baltimore is HOT! Mike sweats to death everyday doing door to door. I give it a try with him a few days...not so great being pregnant! I threw up for the first and only time my pregnancy. First OB appointment, we see the baby do a little dance and find out how far along I am....due date Jan 13.

July - Baltimore is still hot and we still don't like it. I teach kids craft classes at Joann - not worth my time! We go to Bath, New York to visit my best friend from high school, Alyssa and her family for the 4th of July. We severely miss Utah summer....all the city days and the freedom fest. NASCAR at Dover and trips to Washington, D.C. I learn that theme parks are not fun when you are pregnant. We go to Anapolis to see what it's like and eat at Leune's...slightly cheaper and better than Ruth's Chris, which is next door.

August - We flew home for a weekend for a family reunion...Mike got to meet two of my cousins who got home from missions. On our trip home we bumped our flights twice and each ended up with $800 in flight vouchers! Tyler flew to Baltimore to visit, see the sights including the Air and Space Museum(s). The three of us drove back to Utah, stopping in Dayton, Ohio at the Air Force National Museum for a whole day....the boys LOVED it. I got more swollen possibly than I have this entire pregnancy on that 31 hour drive at just 18 weeks. We picked Rocky up in Colorado Springs on the way home. We got to go to Lake Powell, just us and Mike's parents and had a great time. Mike turned 24 (old man!) and the next day we found out we were having a little girl!!!!! Soooo excited! School started again...Mike took 20.5 credits! Crazy! My last semester!

September - I started my nursing preceptorship in Labor and Delivery...and that's definately what I want to do! We both just trudged away at school. It kept us pretty busy! We decided to name the baby Lilly Anastasia Robertson.

October - Mike got hired at Cabela's in the footwear department. Too bad it's not a commission job...cause he kicks butt at it. I got hired at the Utah State Developmental Center as an LPN. We'll be able to live a little more comfortably and not really have to worry about money as much. We used our travel vouchers and went to Alaska to visit the Tippetts for a week. It was really cold and snowy. Mike suprized me with two nights at a cute lodge style hotel on a frozen river. I had NO idea. I'm starting to feel a little big.

November - Both jobs are going good. We never get to see each other though. All we do is work and school. I get exhausted quickly from being up so early and then waiting up for Mike to get home and have lots of break-downs because of it. People start predicting that I'll have the baby by New Years because she has dropped a bit and I carry her completely in front. My first baby shower was at Grandma Mert's...huge turnout...tons of stuff! Turkey day comes and goes...I worked and then we went to Brad and Jody's new cabin. My family was here for the week.

December - I finished school completely! YAY! Freedom! I turned 22. Mike did very well in school this semester and his GPA should be going up quite a bit. He took the AFOQT, but we still don't know how he did on it. He'll be applying for an ROTC scholarship in Jan!!! Christmas came and went. We had to open presents at 4:20am because I had to work. My family is here. My mom is staying until the end of January now. My 2nd baby shower was at Lynette's...lots of loot! Lilly is set!.......and.........................NO BABY! gah! I'm huge and just want to be finished!

A lot happened last year for us. We feel so blessed to have survived all the ups and downs and to have so much support from our friends and family. We are adjusting to never seeing each other and are hoping to see a lot more of each other while I'm on maternity leave. We are so excited to become parents in the next few days and feel so blessed to be entrusted with one of our Heavenly Father's children.

Hopefully my next post tells you that Lilly is here.....or that we got a new car.....either one should happen soon!