Saturday, March 5, 2011


The other day Mike had a little delay on his way home from work. He told me he was going 10mph down the canyon behind a line of cars, then he would have to fill up his truck once he got to Sandy. Then I'm sure he called a little later to say traffic was bad on the freeway. Anyway, when he got home he came into the living room and we just kinda sat around and talked and did the usual....then Lilly wanted some milk or apple juice or "chocate" milk (her staples in life). As I walked into the kitchen I walked into this (but it was on the stove so I couldn't see it from the living room).....Turns out mike had had a poopy day at work. When that happens he usually comes home and is grouchy and sorta takes it out on me (as in complains and grouches about it all day) he decided instead of doing that he would bring me home some flowers so he would not even think about the crappy day. Gorgeous PINK roses with YELLOW lilies. My kitchen smells soooooo good! I love this guy so much!

(our first date: country dancing)
(first kiss date: scavenger hunt to find Mike)

(engagement photo)

(wedding day)

(wedding day: SLC temple)

(feeding of the cake)

(yes, we attacked each other)

(mini golf on our first cruise in 08)

(first time holding Lilly)

(snuggling in their minkies)

(trip to Cali for ROTC Drill team)

(Jan 2011 Labadee, Haiti)

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