Tuesday, October 6, 2009

photo montage

This year has been crazy busy. Here are some pictures from the second half of our summer and then some. Be prepared for a picture overload.....(Descriptions are below pictures)

We got season passes to Seven Peaks (waterpark in Provo for those who don't know). It took Lilly a few times of going before she was comfortable. She is definitely a water baby now. She loves to take baths and therefore loves the pool.

Loving the water in the baby pool at Seven Peaks.

Thanksgiving Point has a farmland area where they have lots of animals. Lilly loves animals and as you can see she also liked her popsicle.

"Burrito Baby".......enough said

Rocky is one of Lilly's favorite things. They had a whole bin of stuffed Rockys at Ikea, so Daddy threw Lilly into the midst of them. As you can see she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

We went to Lake Powell over Labor Day weekend with both sets of In-Laws....Lilly had a blast but didn't always enjoy the life jacket...

Just before falling asleep on the speed boat

Lilly was introduced to red licorice on the speed boat at Lake Powell...and Mommy made her go without a shirt to eat it.

Whenever we would put Lilly in the lake she would scream and cry at first until mommy got in too. The water was a little brisk when you first got in

Climbing on the floaties

Ah the camping/Lake Powell way to bathe

Like father like daughter. This was not posed at all. I put Lilly down for a nap when Mike was still asleep in the morning (Lilly thought it was time to wake up around 6am when it got light...so that meant I was up too) and they both fell asleep like this.

Daddy made a mud pit and put Lilly in it.

Our little family

We went to the State Fair....our water baby is at it again.

They had baby ice cream cones....so Lilly got her own. She did pretty well but got tired of the cold and Mommy had to finish it off.


I let her feed herself for once. Still haven't done that again unless it's solid food