Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5 months already!

Lilly and I went to Colorado Springs this past weekend. While we were there Poppy  (my dad) took some pictures out by the little pond in the back yard. We're gonna call these Lilly's 5 month pictures. She'll be 5 months in three days! She's getting so big! It's amazing how fast she learns things. She can now sit up by herself and doesn't need any support. She still can't roll back over onto her back after she has rolled to her tummy though. Soon enough I'm sure.

Missing Daddy

We sure do miss our daddy! he's been gone for a week and a half now. We finally started getting letters yesterday. There was one again today...it was so exciting! It's been really hard not hearing from him and therefore not having any contact until now. He's doing well. He said that a lot of the people in his flight don't know how to march or do the simplest things and that some of the people make the worst cadets at BYU look like shining stars. He reports that his attitude has been good and positive. He sounds eager to do things right but also to come home. We can't wait to have him back at home with us.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Forever and a Day

i've been really bad about posting, i know. but my schedule just opened up, a bit...i dropped mike off this morning at the airport. he flew to atlanta, then took a 3 hour bus ride to Maxwell AFB, Alabama. He will be there until july 4th. He's doing his AFROTC field training, which is basically like officer basic training/boot camp. He won't be getting yelled at constantly though, because they don't want the officers to yell at the enlisted guys once they are commissioned. however, the only contact i will have with him until he's done is written letters. if anyone is interested in writing to him he would love to get letters, but don't be suprised if you don't get one back...he won't have much time to write. we had to pre-stamp and pre-address envelopes and put a piece of paper in each one so he would have time to actually write.
his address is:
Cadet Robertson, Michael L.
501 Lemay Place N.
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112

lots has been going on with lilly. i was planning on posting a bunch of pics but mike took the camera that had almost all of them. so there will be tons of pics in a month. i'll try to be better about posting while he's gone. anyway, lilly has been rolling from her back to her belly for 2 weeks now. she still hasn't quite figured out how to get back over though. so in the middle of the night after she rolls, she cries and you have to go get her. she has slept on her belly sometimes because she wakes up, rolls and zonks right back out.

she just started sitting up on her own too. which means that she ONLY wants to sit....in her bouncy chair, which she can successfully throw herself out of. she fights you when you get her into her car seat and once you finally get her leaning back and strapped in, odds are she'll scream the whole ride! then there's her swing. she either lays completely sideways or sits up and leans forward against the seatbelt. she's a goober!!! its so funny to watch. when you tell her "no" she just smiles and keeps going.

we took her swimming for the first time. not her favorite thing....she screamed and cried a lot. the pool we went to was dumb...no blow-up floats....only life jackets.....how stupid is that? a 4 month old can't wear a life jacket!!!

i also started giving lilly rice cereal every now and then....she does ok....but we still need to work on it.