Tuesday, June 24, 2008

belly dancer

so far it hasn't been a horrible pregnancy...not the best time of my life, but i'm still alive. i am 11 weeks today and i've only thrown up a total of three times, all within a three minute period a couple of weeks ago. other than that the worst thing has been the horrendous heartburn. i'm suprised that i actually have an esophagus left...sometimes i wish i didn't. mylanta has been fabulous and i drink it straight from the bottle. i call it my chalk cocktail. the only other thing is that i'm starving like every 2 hours but nothing ever sounds good....except ice cream, which always sounds good. i had that for lunch the other day.
i had my first OB appointment on june 16. i was 10 days off of what they thought i'd be "date-wise". my due date is jan 13. i knew ahead of time that i was going to be having a sonogra
m so i made mike play hookie for most of the day so he could come with me. the sonogram was awesome. we could easily tell where the head, arms and body were. mike says we're having a boy because it's head was so big...haha...it was really cute. the baby did some dancing for us. first we'd see the little head move and then the arms would wave around. it was awesome. of course i cried, i don't think mike or the doctor saw though. here's the first picture of our little baby...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Time Together

so these posts are a little out of order. but we've done a few fun things in the time that mike has actually had off (saturday night, sunday, and labor day).

we have the book 1000 Places to See Before You Die and in it one of the only things in Baltimore is a crab house called Obryki's. it's pretty famous. they've even been on the today show. it was pretty good. i didn't want to eat too much crab because i don't know if that counts as fish you aren't supposed to eat when you're prego. but mike, as you can see, went all out. he ate 6 whole crabs himself!!! i have to admit it was uber yummy and their crab cakes were sooooo stinkin good. it smelled a bit fishy in the place though. oh yeah, and they just dump the crabs on your table.

we went to washington DC one sunday after church. we saw the white house (which is super hard to figure out how to get to), washington monument, WWII memorial, lincoln memorial, korean war memorial, DC war memorial, saw the jefferson memorial from far away, and watched lots of air planes come in really low to land at the raegan air port. it was a gorgeous day and it was nice to just walk around together.

on memorial day we went to the Maryland zoo in baltimore. it wasn't terribly amazing, but we had fun together. it was a hot day, but there is tons of shade at the zoo, which helped. i've been wanting to go to a zoo for a long time and we finally got to go. afterwards we just went to ikea and then to the mall. we ended the day with a movie (baby mama). the movie was pretty fun and it was a good story too.

with what little time we have to spend together, it's nice to go out and have fun and do stuff. i always feel bad when i feel sick when we're together....but i can't really help that i guess.

Monster Mile

so, we decided (mike decided) on saturday night after we got back from the DC Temple (which is gorgeous!) that we were going to go to the NASCAR race on sunday. it was in Dover, DE and that's only like 1h30m from us. having never been to an actual race but falling asleep during many.

after we got there we had to find parking, always a fun thing. no matter where you parked you had to basically give them a car payment. we got lucky and found the last space at a denny's parking lot which was the closest thing to the already full track lot. of course we had to pay for being close...it was $35!!!!! what the heck?

then it came down to finding tickets somewhere. now, at a NASCAR race it is better to sit as high as you can so you can see the whole track. scalpers try to get you with "these are good tickets...row 14 on the 3rd corner"...but mike is way too seasoned when it comes to NASCAR to fall for that. not to mention the scalper tried to sell them for face value. then dropped it like $25 after chasing us down a few minutes later. instead we continued to the ticket office where tickets were $85-$95 and they weren't really that high up. so we set off again. by this time i had sweat seriously trickling down my back and one of our 3 water bottles was just about empty. as we walked a bit more we found some people selling extra tickets they had for $40 each. we lucked out and got tickets about 10 rows from the top...the only downfall was that we couldn't see pit row. but that's ok...another race.

the race started pretty exciting. within the first 75 laps there was a BIG wreck that took out three cars which had to be towed away...after that it got pretty boring. we got ear plugs and i probably have lung cancer now from all the smokers, k, it wasn't as bad as it could be...it's just a gross habit. so, the winner lapped up to like the 7th place car, no one was gonna beat him. jeff gordon finished 5th, jimmie johnson 6th. it was a relatively good ending.

when we left the race it of course took a while to actually get going on the road. we ended up behind a few of the semi's carrying actual cars. this was fun. we drove through some tiny communities and everyone was out in the yards and in lawn chairs having BBQ's waiting to see their driver's semi go by. it was like we were on parade! we had fun...mike honked a lot.

by far the coolest thing though was the amish families!!! on the way we saw TWO amish buggies on the road, and we saw a bunch of kids out by the road when we were on parade. so fun!!!! anyway, we had a good time. and we even got our baby-to-be a onsie that says "chevy baby". good times!!!