Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just cause I'm a loser

Yup, it's that time again. Time for me to try to catch things up because I'm a slacker not to mention that when I'm home after 8 hours of work each day I just want to relax and play with my girlie. Anyway, here we go....

In October Mike suprised me by flying us all to Denver to suprize my mom. (see above for details)
It's been a busy holiday season starting with Halloween. Lilly was the most adorable Tinker Bell in a dress that her Mimi made. We went to our ward trunk-or-treat/ chili cook off. I won 2nd place in the chili cookoff with my BBQ Black Bean Chili. YUM!!! it was great cause I was able to have chili. Mike hates it so it was nice to be able to have some. I LOVE chili. Mike was a Cabela's customer complete with Billy-Bob teeth and a mullet. SERIOUSLY nasty. I was a cave woman.

In November we drove down to Las Vegas to visit my dad during his "Deployment" there and to go to the Nellis AFB Air Show. Of course Mike had more fun than was really windy and Lilly wanted us to hold her hand and walk her all over the place the whole time. We did get some YUMMY kettle corn. Possibly the best ever. Gigi (my gma) went with us. It was a nice little weekened vacation. Mike and I subjected Poppy and Gigi to the wrath of Lilly in the evenings when we went down to the strip with our "should-be-engaged" friends Tyler and Chanelle. Chanelle got kicked out of a casino cause she's only 18, it was all Mike's fault!

November also brought unwanted cold weather, which Mike loves. And of course Thanksgiving. My family was here for the whole week of Thanksgiving. They came the weekend before because BYU was playing Air Force at BYU and they went to the game. We didn't eat with them though. This year was Mike's year for Thanksgiving so we went to his parents and ate with them, his sis Brooke and her kiddos, and his sis Brenda (and her accidental sugar-free pumpkin pie)....haha! love you Brenda! It was fun and full of laughs. After dinner we went back to my family to hang out a bit before we went to see New Moon. I'm totally team Edward in the books but Jacob in the movies. Why couldn't they get a real hearthrob to play Edward? I just don't think Rob is cute! gah!! Mike went shopping on black friday and got some good deals. I worked 8 hours every day, as usual (oh the life of a nurse)....Later we had dinner at my Aunt/Uncle's new AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS, HUMONGOUS, AWESOME house. My cousin Allie took some family pictures which turned out AMAZING, as usual. THANKS ALLIE!!! WE LOVE YOU!

December was a crazy month...SNOW SNOW SNOW!!! It was only a couple degrees for about a week at the beginning of the month. Not fun! We hit 3 extended family parties in a weeks time. My birthday was on the 16th and Mike suprized me again. We left for our vacation to Colorado after work on the 17th and didn't get there until 3am. We spent 10 nice relaxing days in Colorado at my parents house. The fun included the guys skiing one day, girls shopping, the LONGEST game of Settlers of Catan in the history of the world, the movie AVATAR (if you haven't seen it yet you are a loser and need to go see 3D!...Mike has seen it 4 times now), lots of junk food which I gained 0 pounds from...can't say the same for everyone **cough cough**... two short visits from my Uncle Brian's family on their way to and from oregon and texas, and time with Gigi. Lilly sure made bank on Christmas. She's so stinkin spoiled. She got as many presents as everyone else combined I think. Good thing her birthday is less than a month after Christmas.....more presents..yay!haha. We stayed in Colorado for one extra day to be able to go to one of Mike's ROTC buddies wedding receptions that happened to be in my parents' Stake Center...crazy! Gigi rode home with us and we luckily were able to sqeeze everything into the truck and leave Rocky enough room to lay down. It was nice to be back home. After we got home we went to Ikea and bought a table and chairs and a new toy shelf holder thingy for Lilly's room and all her toys. Yay! no more toybox in the living room! and now we can eat in the kitchen at the table! hooooray!

Now we're into 2010. These next few months are probably going to be very stressful but hopefully worth it. We've got a few big things coming our way that we are keeping our fingers crossed for. I'll try to be better at keeping this blog updated on our lives. OH, I almost forgot!!!'s an update on Lilly....

*** Lilly now has 7 teeth. She's actually had 7 for a couple of months now. She eats whatever we eat.
*** no more nursing. I figured that it would be a good time to stop while I had 10 days off from work. we're trying to ease her into Vit D Milk (whole milk) by mixing with her formula.
*** Walked the night before she turned 10 months and is now into even more trouble than before. She's getting really fast and really curious.
***turning 1 in 17 days!!! ahhhhh!!!!

Look for pictures coming soon....if we can find the other camera (i got a new one for christmas)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

photo montage

This year has been crazy busy. Here are some pictures from the second half of our summer and then some. Be prepared for a picture overload.....(Descriptions are below pictures)

We got season passes to Seven Peaks (waterpark in Provo for those who don't know). It took Lilly a few times of going before she was comfortable. She is definitely a water baby now. She loves to take baths and therefore loves the pool.

Loving the water in the baby pool at Seven Peaks.

Thanksgiving Point has a farmland area where they have lots of animals. Lilly loves animals and as you can see she also liked her popsicle.

"Burrito Baby".......enough said

Rocky is one of Lilly's favorite things. They had a whole bin of stuffed Rockys at Ikea, so Daddy threw Lilly into the midst of them. As you can see she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

We went to Lake Powell over Labor Day weekend with both sets of In-Laws....Lilly had a blast but didn't always enjoy the life jacket...

Just before falling asleep on the speed boat

Lilly was introduced to red licorice on the speed boat at Lake Powell...and Mommy made her go without a shirt to eat it.

Whenever we would put Lilly in the lake she would scream and cry at first until mommy got in too. The water was a little brisk when you first got in

Climbing on the floaties

Ah the camping/Lake Powell way to bathe

Like father like daughter. This was not posed at all. I put Lilly down for a nap when Mike was still asleep in the morning (Lilly thought it was time to wake up around 6am when it got that meant I was up too) and they both fell asleep like this.

Daddy made a mud pit and put Lilly in it.

Our little family

We went to the State Fair....our water baby is at it again.

They had baby ice cream Lilly got her own. She did pretty well but got tired of the cold and Mommy had to finish it off.


I let her feed herself for once. Still haven't done that again unless it's solid food

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This summer....

People keep telling me to put some pictures up. we've been a bit busy and blogging is never at the top of my list of things to do. however, here are a bunch of pictures from a few things this summer. there are still more pictures on the camera to be loaded, these are what are already on the computer. enjoy!

Fourth of july, the day daddy got home from field training. We went and watched the fireworks at the stadium of fire. we were just across the street. after we finally got lilly to look at them instead of the cars on the street, she was fascinated.
We got passes to seven peaks. lilly loves to stand and splash in the water. daddy goes and plays on the slides and mommy and lilly hang out in the baby and wave pools.
Lilly is started her quest to be a domestic goddess early in life. she loves to help with the unfold it mostly.
We hiked stuart falls up at sundance. it was not the funnest thing i've ever done. lilly was a little small for the hiking backpack. she pretty much screamed non stop the whole way. this is the beginning of the hike. she was happy at first.
after screaming for a while, mom took the backpack. lilly liked pulling mommy's ponytail...for a bit.

we went to st. george for a weekend, just to getaway. mike pricelined the hilton garden in...and we got it for $45 a night! it was awesome. a little in 107 degrees at 9:30pm!! we mostly hung out at the pool and in our room. we decided that we were cursed having a gorgeous baby...whenever we are out to eat we never get to finish our meal because everyone has to come up to our table and talk to lilly and touch her and talk to annoying!! anyway, lilly liked playing on the big king size bed.
lilly loves to be nakey....don't worry, she's a got a diaper on....still in st. george
i looked over to see if lilly was still taking a nap and she was just laying there looking at me...and she would smile and just kept laying there. sooo stinkin cute!

we did a little shopping at the St. george outlets. including going to the rocky mtn. chocolate factory. lilly LOVED the apple core from our caramel apple. she was very sticky! when we go shopping, lilly usually gets a ton and we get nothing....we have no control apparently
playing peekaboo around the couch. she just kept looking at me standing in the door way... this was before she could crawl. she's been crawling for a couple of weeks now. she'll be walking pretty soon.
hanging out after some milk at 7 peaks. mike and my brother spencer and his gf kim were still on the slides.
taking a bath in grammy and poppy's new 5th wheel at tinney's flat at Gigi's family reunion. we made a huge water mess all over the counter....
lilly thought it was lots of fun to play with the drinking water attachment...good thing she wasn't strong enough to really give herself a cold shower!
we went to snowbird for one night and lilly had fun with the shops.
after about 10 tries we finally got a good picture of lilly, but daddy had to be a day we'll get a good family pic!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5 months already!

Lilly and I went to Colorado Springs this past weekend. While we were there Poppy  (my dad) took some pictures out by the little pond in the back yard. We're gonna call these Lilly's 5 month pictures. She'll be 5 months in three days! She's getting so big! It's amazing how fast she learns things. She can now sit up by herself and doesn't need any support. She still can't roll back over onto her back after she has rolled to her tummy though. Soon enough I'm sure.

Missing Daddy

We sure do miss our daddy! he's been gone for a week and a half now. We finally started getting letters yesterday. There was one again was so exciting! It's been really hard not hearing from him and therefore not having any contact until now. He's doing well. He said that a lot of the people in his flight don't know how to march or do the simplest things and that some of the people make the worst cadets at BYU look like shining stars. He reports that his attitude has been good and positive. He sounds eager to do things right but also to come home. We can't wait to have him back at home with us.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Forever and a Day

i've been really bad about posting, i know. but my schedule just opened up, a bit...i dropped mike off this morning at the airport. he flew to atlanta, then took a 3 hour bus ride to Maxwell AFB, Alabama. He will be there until july 4th. He's doing his AFROTC field training, which is basically like officer basic training/boot camp. He won't be getting yelled at constantly though, because they don't want the officers to yell at the enlisted guys once they are commissioned. however, the only contact i will have with him until he's done is written letters. if anyone is interested in writing to him he would love to get letters, but don't be suprised if you don't get one back...he won't have much time to write. we had to pre-stamp and pre-address envelopes and put a piece of paper in each one so he would have time to actually write.
his address is:
Cadet Robertson, Michael L.
501 Lemay Place N.
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112

lots has been going on with lilly. i was planning on posting a bunch of pics but mike took the camera that had almost all of them. so there will be tons of pics in a month. i'll try to be better about posting while he's gone. anyway, lilly has been rolling from her back to her belly for 2 weeks now. she still hasn't quite figured out how to get back over though. so in the middle of the night after she rolls, she cries and you have to go get her. she has slept on her belly sometimes because she wakes up, rolls and zonks right back out.

she just started sitting up on her own too. which means that she ONLY wants to her bouncy chair, which she can successfully throw herself out of. she fights you when you get her into her car seat and once you finally get her leaning back and strapped in, odds are she'll scream the whole ride! then there's her swing. she either lays completely sideways or sits up and leans forward against the seatbelt. she's a goober!!! its so funny to watch. when you tell her "no" she just smiles and keeps going.

we took her swimming for the first time. not her favorite thing....she screamed and cried a lot. the pool we went to was blow-up floats....only life stupid is that? a 4 month old can't wear a life jacket!!!

i also started giving lilly rice cereal every now and then....she does ok....but we still need to work on it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jibber Jabber

Lilly has been talking like crazy this week. We put her in front of the TV when we need to get things done around the house, and turn on cartoons or just the Disney channel. She loves to watch the movement and she'll just sit and talk to the TV. Or she'll talk to us when we're in line at the grocery store or in the car...but as soon as the camera is on her, she's a stinker and she stops. Hence the reason this video starts from behind her and moves around. She also found her feet this week and loves to just hold them and look at them. This is mostly for my mom to see.

Our little Easter egg

Lilly's first Easter was good. She got a couple of cute little dresses and some matching bows (I made the bows). She also got a few toys from of which is her favorite...Jangles. She LOVES him and will play with him for hours. She falls asleep with him hugging her all the time, which is super cute! Grammy bought her this pink dress before she was born, and it was the perfect easter dress.

gauffes et frites!!!!

There's this new Belgian waffle and frites (fries) place up in Salt Lake. The guy is from Brugge. We went up a couple of weeks ago to try the "delicacies". It was delicious. Of course the fries weren't quite what we were hoping, but they were still yummy and double fried. The waffles were delicious. Hopefully the guy gets enough business to stay afloat!
Lilly's first Belgian Waffle!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Glitter Toes

Tuesday night Mike's sister Brenda had a "Glitter Toes" party. For those of you who are unfamiliar with glitter toes, it is somewhat similar to getting acrylic nails done. They use a gel and then cover it in fine glitter. Next they cure them under a special light. The process is repeated a couple of times. Anyway...Lilly and I went to the party and we both got matching Glitter Toes! Mike enjoys showing everyone, so here.....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Stats

Lilly had her 2 month appointment today. It was supposed to be two weeks ago but we were going to Moab so I had to reschedule it. She is 2 months and 13 days today. She's becoming our cute little chubby angel. These are her stats:

Weight: 11lbs 9oz (55th percentile)
Length: 23 inches (58th percentile)
Head Circumference: 15.5inches (52nd percentile)

She was fine during the check-up until the Dr looked in her ears....she didn't appreciate that at all. Then came the really sad part...her shots......She got three shots today, plus an oral vaccine. I have never heard her scream so loud. She couldn't catch her breath for a while. It was even hard for me to get her to nurse right after...once she started she fell asleep though. Now her legs are just really sore and if you touch the right one it sets her off again. She's still in just her diaper after her bath, and that was almost 2 hours ago...i think we'll just keep her in blankets all night and not worry about getting her we don't have to make her scream. She's asleep in the swing...which means i get a break for now from nursing...that's all she wants to do tonight....hopefully she's happier tomorrow...i hate to see her so sad 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

SCIDM 2009

This whole school year Mike has been getting up around 5am and heading down to BYU for ROTC Drill practice. He has suffered bumps and bruises and cuts galore, and even had an xray of his wrist (thanks to the "wrist breaker"). It was all to get ready for the Southern California Invitational Drill Meet or SCIDM.
Mike and Tyler went to SCIDM last year as supporters of the team. Mike was thoroughly impressed and decided it would be a good thing for him to it would help him be more prepared for Field Training this su
mmer. Anyway, they worked really hard on their routine, marching and memorizing "warrior knowledge" to get ready for the competition. Last year the team didn't pass inspection, took first in regulation (marching) and got 2nd in the exhibition phase. They ended up taking 2nd overall, losing by two points to the Air Force Academy.....that was the motivation for the team this year. They just wanted to kick the Air Force Academy's trash...funny story about that.....
The trip included driving to Edwards AFB, CA and then we went to LA AFB before the team performed in the Anaheim Angels Stadium parking lot.
The team took 2nd in inspection, 1st in regulation and 2nd in exhibition. Then there was the 4 man team who took 3rd and Color Guard took third as well (i think...maybe not right...oh well)..they took first overall...and were ecstatic! However, the air force academy wasn't in attendance, which we found out a few weeks e
arlier.  West Point Military Academy was there though.....but we still won! 
Getting ready for Inspection