Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just cause I'm a loser

Yup, it's that time again. Time for me to try to catch things up because I'm a slacker not to mention that when I'm home after 8 hours of work each day I just want to relax and play with my girlie. Anyway, here we go....

In October Mike suprised me by flying us all to Denver to suprize my mom. (see above for details)
It's been a busy holiday season starting with Halloween. Lilly was the most adorable Tinker Bell in a dress that her Mimi made. We went to our ward trunk-or-treat/ chili cook off. I won 2nd place in the chili cookoff with my BBQ Black Bean Chili. YUM!!! it was great cause I was able to have chili. Mike hates it so it was nice to be able to have some. I LOVE chili. Mike was a Cabela's customer complete with Billy-Bob teeth and a mullet. SERIOUSLY nasty. I was a cave woman.

In November we drove down to Las Vegas to visit my dad during his "Deployment" there and to go to the Nellis AFB Air Show. Of course Mike had more fun than was really windy and Lilly wanted us to hold her hand and walk her all over the place the whole time. We did get some YUMMY kettle corn. Possibly the best ever. Gigi (my gma) went with us. It was a nice little weekened vacation. Mike and I subjected Poppy and Gigi to the wrath of Lilly in the evenings when we went down to the strip with our "should-be-engaged" friends Tyler and Chanelle. Chanelle got kicked out of a casino cause she's only 18, it was all Mike's fault!

November also brought unwanted cold weather, which Mike loves. And of course Thanksgiving. My family was here for the whole week of Thanksgiving. They came the weekend before because BYU was playing Air Force at BYU and they went to the game. We didn't eat with them though. This year was Mike's year for Thanksgiving so we went to his parents and ate with them, his sis Brooke and her kiddos, and his sis Brenda (and her accidental sugar-free pumpkin pie)....haha! love you Brenda! It was fun and full of laughs. After dinner we went back to my family to hang out a bit before we went to see New Moon. I'm totally team Edward in the books but Jacob in the movies. Why couldn't they get a real hearthrob to play Edward? I just don't think Rob is cute! gah!! Mike went shopping on black friday and got some good deals. I worked 8 hours every day, as usual (oh the life of a nurse)....Later we had dinner at my Aunt/Uncle's new AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS, HUMONGOUS, AWESOME house. My cousin Allie took some family pictures which turned out AMAZING, as usual. THANKS ALLIE!!! WE LOVE YOU!

December was a crazy month...SNOW SNOW SNOW!!! It was only a couple degrees for about a week at the beginning of the month. Not fun! We hit 3 extended family parties in a weeks time. My birthday was on the 16th and Mike suprized me again. We left for our vacation to Colorado after work on the 17th and didn't get there until 3am. We spent 10 nice relaxing days in Colorado at my parents house. The fun included the guys skiing one day, girls shopping, the LONGEST game of Settlers of Catan in the history of the world, the movie AVATAR (if you haven't seen it yet you are a loser and need to go see 3D!...Mike has seen it 4 times now), lots of junk food which I gained 0 pounds from...can't say the same for everyone **cough cough**... two short visits from my Uncle Brian's family on their way to and from oregon and texas, and time with Gigi. Lilly sure made bank on Christmas. She's so stinkin spoiled. She got as many presents as everyone else combined I think. Good thing her birthday is less than a month after Christmas.....more presents..yay!haha. We stayed in Colorado for one extra day to be able to go to one of Mike's ROTC buddies wedding receptions that happened to be in my parents' Stake Center...crazy! Gigi rode home with us and we luckily were able to sqeeze everything into the truck and leave Rocky enough room to lay down. It was nice to be back home. After we got home we went to Ikea and bought a table and chairs and a new toy shelf holder thingy for Lilly's room and all her toys. Yay! no more toybox in the living room! and now we can eat in the kitchen at the table! hooooray!

Now we're into 2010. These next few months are probably going to be very stressful but hopefully worth it. We've got a few big things coming our way that we are keeping our fingers crossed for. I'll try to be better at keeping this blog updated on our lives. OH, I almost forgot!!!'s an update on Lilly....

*** Lilly now has 7 teeth. She's actually had 7 for a couple of months now. She eats whatever we eat.
*** no more nursing. I figured that it would be a good time to stop while I had 10 days off from work. we're trying to ease her into Vit D Milk (whole milk) by mixing with her formula.
*** Walked the night before she turned 10 months and is now into even more trouble than before. She's getting really fast and really curious.
***turning 1 in 17 days!!! ahhhhh!!!!

Look for pictures coming soon....if we can find the other camera (i got a new one for christmas)