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May 2011: Moving, Labor, and a Family of 4!!!!

Mike's report date to Vance AFB in Enid, Oklahoma was May 5. We left Utah on May 2, drove to Colorado Springs where we stayed until May 4. We were able to get our military ID's at the Air Force Academy and I was also able to have a Dr.'s appt while we were there. After a lot of stress, replacing the entire brake system on the truck, not to mention the fuel pump that had to be replace the week before we left.....we were finally on our way to Oklahoma. We arrived to Vance at 4am and got into our TLF (temporary living facility) at 5am after checking Mike's guns in at the armory with "Airman Slower than Mud". This was where we lived for 2 weeks. Lilly referred to it as Oklahoma. She loved the playground right next to our room. It was a tight fit in a tiny living room/kitchen/dining area, a tiny bathroom and a bedroom that barely fit the queen size bed in it. It was a little difficult to move around the bedroom furniture with such a big belly!
Mike was basically on casual status. He was in-processing for the most part for the two weeks I was here. He would report in at 8am and he was released for the day at 11:30am. The rest of the day was his. He was trying to get things done quickly though and would stay until 3 or 4 some days trying finish his check-list. It was nice having him finished for the day so early though! Our first weekend we went to the OKC Zoo. It was sooo fun, except for the 98 degrees and being 37 weeks pregnant. The Zoo here is incredible! not to mention inexpensive, especially if you are military! The discount is 50%! It was only $8 for our family! We decided to buy a pass that lasts all year...good investment! After the Zoo we went to Stockyard City to Cattlemen's Cafe, an awesome steakhouse that we saw on the travel channel. The little town has cute western shops and saddle/boot shops.
Lilly made some friends while in the TLF. Alayna was almost 4 and Cody is 4. They played and played at the playground, in the rooms and at the zoo.
We went back to the zoo the second weekend we were there, but this time the Taylors, Cooks and Kuzmas went with us. We were all in the TLFs together. There was a brand new baby elephant at the zoo. Her name is Maylee.
Lilly loved the petting zoo. She had no fear!
Mr. Kile was buying a hat. Daddy considered buying this one, but decided he'd probably never wear it (too expensive) and bought some boots instead...he wears them ALL the time.
On May 18 my mom flew into Oklahoma City to come and get Lilly and Me. We left early the next morning, driving my car back to Colorado Springs. Mike had to be out of the TLF that day as well. Luckily the Kuzmas were moving into their house which is just 3 doors down from our house that we were going to be moving into. Mike stayed with them for a week. He got the keys to our house on Monday, May 23. The movers delivered our stuff on Wednesday, May 25 and Mike flew to Colorado Springs on Thursday. It made for a crazy week. I had Dr.s appointments on May 20 and 27th. The Dr. decided that he would induce me on Tuesday, May 31. Mike had to be to IFS (Initial Flight Screening) in Peublo, only 45 min away on June 1. Mike and I went into the hospital at 0000 on May 31 (so it was still the same day). This is me right after we checked in.
I went in at midnight to receive a dose of cytotec to help my body be more ready to be induced. I had to stay laying, which was ok since I was just going to sleep...or so I though. I also had to be hooked up to the monitors so they could watch the baby's heart rate and also my contractions. The monitors made it SOOOOO hard to sleep. I was so uncomfortable and didn't want to move around a lot because then they'd come in and readjust the monitors. I think I got like 2 hours of sleep??? The doctor came in at 0730 and broke my water. This was a new experience for me. With Lilly I got my epidural before they broke my water. This time I got to experience all the gushiness. I swear I hold enough fluid in my giant belly to fill a swimming pool! In fact I think i hold so much water and carry so out front that both girls never dropped onto my cervix enough to cause me to really dilate much. Even being on pitocin it takes forever for me to dilate. But it also makes for nice round heads because the babies don't just hang out in the birth canal, causing egg heads......
I decided to hold off on the epidural until I really needed it. The nurse was astonished at how quiet I was. I'm not a big screamer. I would be talking and if a contraction came I would just stop talking and quietly breathe through it. My dad had taken work off that day so we could call my mom to hurry to the hospital (just up the street from their house) and he could keep Lilly. They came and visited me while I was in labor and brought the nurses and Mike some donuts. Since mom works their she knows all the nurses. Dad stayed with me while Mike went out to eat. With Lilly my mom and Mike ordered a pizza to my room...so I told them no food in the room until I could eat this time! Eventually the contractions started becoming ridiculous. I stood and leaned against Mike to try to relieve some pain. Finally I was in so much pain that I couldn't bear it any more and I was in enough tears that I called for my epidural. I was still able to move my legs and feet and toes a bit with the epidural, but I thought nothing of it.
I was at 6 cm around 1230. Right after the epidural. I figured it would go fast from there like it had with Lilly. I was right!....I started feeling some crazy pressure "down there" and suddenly it felt like I had to pee sooooooo incredibly bad every time I had a contraction. It got to the point where I was bawling because of this sensation. It hurt so bad. I think Miley's head was pushing on the catheter balloon with each contraction. Thankfully the nurse agreed to take out the catheter and it was MUCH better. She had me push twice (2 sets of 3) and then told me to stop and wait for the Dr. When he got into the room and was all ready it was time to really push. By now I was shaking uncontrollably because of the epidural and the pain.....yeah, not the best epidural...pretty sure it didn't take any pain from the delivery away, just made the contractions bearable. After the third push in the set with the Dr. they said to stop but I told them no, I couldn't stop because it was hurting so bad I just wanted her out. So I pushed once more and out she flew!!!

Miley Giselle Robertson was born at 2:06pm. She was 7lbs 11oz and 20in long. She is absolutely perfect!
Mike had to leave for IFS the next day. He didn't even get to take us home from the hospital the next day! He did stay with me over night in the hospital though, then went to get ready to leave, came back and said goodbye. Luckily with him only 45 min away we knew we'd see him on the weekend. This was our first family picture!
All ready to go home....to Mimi and Poppy's house.

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