Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good morning BALTIMORE!!!

we're here! we made it! (ok, so i'm a little slow with the blogging thing) Baltimore is nice. it's is completely covered in trees and highways/freeways. we actually had to buy a GPS in order to find our way anywhere. there are no big signs for things....i have yet to actually see "golden arches" that are not on the side of the building! there's not even a wally world sign on a big pole! its sooo weird and confusing! but "velveeta" (i named the GPS that so it didn't sound like mike was talking about an actual girl...and because her voice is smooth and cheesey) treats us well.

we brought a lot from home, but also forgot a silverware. as you can see. thankfully we live in the good ol USofA and we figured we'd just buy a lot after we got out here. unfortunately nothing is open 24 like it is in utah. not even wally world! its pretty annoying.

we like our apartment. it is much more open than our house and we can actually both fit in the bathroom at the same time. i'd put pics up but i'm too lazy to clean really fast to take them. but it's newly remodeled and was gay and had no we have used the costco rental program for a few things. so far so good though.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My eggo is preggo!!!

Holy cow! What can I say!? We're super excited right now. We're both really looking forward to expanding our family and being parents. We found out Sat, May 10. I actually took a test while Mike was out working. My friend and I went and bought a box of 5 pregnancy tests for me to have for then and future use. When we got home I needed to I took a test with me, thinking it would be negative for sure....before the toilet was finished flushing I was walking to the living room, test in hand, huge eyes, mouth wide open. After some very excited jumping and screaming, we headed back to Wally-World to buy some onesies and binkies to decorate the bedroom with.

Unfortunately, Mike was late getting home and I was very anxious. He actually called me from another apartment in our complex and I was ready to wring his neck cause I just wanted him to get home! his manager helped by going and getting him for me. Funnily enough, after he was home, we could not get Mike to go into the bedroom where everything was set up for him....after everything we could think of, he finally went back and just stopped dead in his tracks...stunned. It was pretty awesome. I had to really hold it in to not cry, but I did good. We're looking forward to being mommy and daddy and all that comes with it.