Friday, February 25, 2011

Only 8 weeks!!!!

....left until I'm done working! 9 weeks until we move, as in drive away from Utah!!! We are beyond ready! So much lies ahead for us and we are so excited! For those of you who don't know (if anyone even reads this blog that I never update), Mike has a pilot slot in the US Air Force. He will be completing his first year of pilot training at Vance AFB in Enid, Oklahoma. So it's back to Oklahoma for me!
Of course there are things we will miss about the mountains and lack of tornadoes. There are also things we will not our house, HORRIBLE schedules with work and school (we go like 56 hours weekly without "seeing" eachother)..and of course the lack of tornadoes.
We are supposed to be to Vance no later than May 5. We're very happy that we aren't having to wait long after graduation to move...actually, we won't even have our stuff here anymore when Mike graduates. His Commissioning is April 22, followed the next week by his graduation April 29 followed that evening by a little graduation/farewell BBQ and then we plan to be on the road to Colorado Springs the next morning (preferably really early so Lilly will sleep most of the way!) While there we are hoping to have a Dr. appt for me. Mike starts training in Pueblo, Colorado on June 2. He will be there until July 5. I am due June 5 so we're hoping to be able to be induced in Colorado Springs like the day before Mike has to be to Pueblo...I will just stay with my parents which is only 60 miles from where Mike will be, which means we can still see him regularly. Hopefully it will all work out. Still gotta figure some things out, call Tri-care (insurance) and figure out all the traveling back to Colorado after we've been in Oklahoma for a few weeks. (whew! busy couple of months coming)

(Miley Giselle @ 24w2d)

(Lilly and Addie, my friend Brooke's little girl. Lilly LOVES babies..hopefully that will extend to Miley or as Lilly says "My-yee")

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