Friday, December 17, 2010

Birthdays, Babies and Updates

I appologize now for the lack of pictures but I'm at work and will put pictures up later.

Yesterday was my birthday. I didn't get to spend it how I would have liked, but it was my birthday nonetheless. Honestly who really likes to work at 0530 on their birthday??? Not me. I have now reached the ripe old age of 24, which only means that my parents are practically ancient ;)...hehe!
Mike planned a trip home to Colorado for us to take, he bought two tickets and Lilly was to be a lap infant (still under 2). He planned the trip a couple of months in advance because there was a good deal on flights. As the trip got closer he was trying to get his old job as a bellman up at the Lodge @ Snowbird. He decided to quit Texas Roadhouse after he'd had enough and still hadn't heard from Snowbird. With about a week or two before the trip he finally made contact and the head bellman told him he wanted to have him on the team this season. Mike loved working up at Snowbird, not to mention the added bonus of a free season pass. There was supposed to be start of season meeting/get stuff ready on Wed, 12/1.....well that got changed to Sat 12/4. We were supposed to fly to Colorado on 12/3 to celebrate my birthday early and actually get to spend time together and see each other except for in passing. No Go! I wasn't very happy that he couldn't get out of it and I actually cried on the way to and at the airport. Luckily my brother Chase was flying there with us, but I was alone to fly back with'd think an hour would be easy....she's so active/busy...luckily she did pretty well and I only almost wanted to pull my hair out. While we were there we of course celebrated my birthday....Austin, my youngest bro who is 16, made me the the BEST cake you've ever had that I found on a random blog here. He is quite the chef!

One of our family traditions is to take a bite out of the cake after you blow out the candles....Lilly was sooooo shocked when I did it. The look on her face was priceless. I'll have to get the picture my dad took.

Lilly and I just kinda relaxed and hung out with my family in Colorado. No huge plans, just relaxing. We did get to see the Creche exhibit that my mom headed up, I think she said there were over 400 nativities in the exhibit, including a live Nativity that had a donkey, alpaca and a sheep. It was gorgeous! It's amazing how many different Nativities there are, some more on the light side and some stunningly beautiful.

In Lilly news.....Lilly has been talking in complete sentences since the summer. She's a crack up. The other day she touched Mike's face and said "I luzh (love) you....i promise". She's so funny! She has her own words for a few things which may be permanent name changes at our house for example : Heaband = Bandaid Otadon = Octopus (i think because Mickey does shapes and she thinks octagon???)...She's so funny. Her hair is finally growing and I was able to do a full-on ponytail the other day, thanks to lots of gel and hair spray for the little pieces. She's been potty trained since around Thanksgiving, except for the last two weeks she is scared to death to poop in the potty....So yesterday she pooped in her panties 5 times, including once at dinner at a fancy steakhouse (we won't be going back...long story...nothing to do with lilly though). I'm at a loss for what to do....she really wants the rewards from going in the potty but she's freaked out...she actually had a come apart when I put her back on the potty after she tried to climb into my lap and I noticed she was starting to poop (sorry about all the potty language). I know she's still young, not even two yet, but we're going nuts. She doesn't have pee-pee accidents anymore, maybe a few drops in her panties as she gets distracted on her way to the potty or somehow shooting over the toilet or between the basin and the seat which gets her clothes...but she's doing great! I love when she looks directly at a stranger in the store and tells them she needs to go potty or needs to go poop (everything she says or wants right now she uses "i need") which means she already pooped her pants....LOVELY! haha....oh the things we go through with our kids.

In other kid news.....In case you haven't heard .......I'M PREGNANT again. I am 15w5d. Yesterday I had a Dr. appt and because it was my birthday I asked him for a little present.....I asked if he'd do an ultrasound to see if he could tell what we were having. He was able to finally get a pretty good shot that was clearly not showing, as my mom put it, a "stem on the apple" for now we are having a GIRL ! My 20 week ultrasound is on Jan 18, the day after we get back from our upcoming HUGE, much anticipated , over the top excited for trip. Then we can confirm with the bigger ultrasound maching....We're excited to have another little princess despite hoping for a boy this time around to atleast guarantee having one of each. Mike is still convinced there will be a Pee-Pee in January....We'll see I guess....If it is in fact another girl, it's too bad the clothes we have for the same ages will be opposite seasons from what we'll need...oh well.

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Brenda said...

did you just call me ancient???? How rude...we were very young when we had you so we are just young grandparents!! We'll have to get you the pics of Lilly's surprise with the cake.