Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Ball is rollin! ! !

The door took Mike and Brent two days to finish. It looks awesome! We even have two little steps. Lilly has mastered opening and even remember to close the screen door when she goes outside. She lets Rocky in all the time, only to yell at him to go back out. Silly girl! We finally even went and bought some vertical blinds today to go in the kitchen! Hooray! Having the door in makes the house feel so much bigger, especially the kitchen...and it makes the kitchen and living room so much lighter and brighter, especially since the kitchen was recently changed from dark red to bright yellow paint....(more pics will come of the inside)
Mike and Uncle Joe finally were able to get together and this is their progress on the trusses. The last pic shows the white that they were before and is the side that Mike is working on at this very second before he goes to work. The wood shingles make it feel so much cuter and cottage-y. We're pretty pleased with how all of this is turning out.

Hopefully we'll be able to get all the outside painted in the next couple of weeks, once all the trusses are finished. We're excited for the change and are hoping this will give some nice curb appeal as we get ready to sell the house next year.

I attempted to pull the ridiculous weeds in the weed, i mean flower, garden in front of the house. I made a little dent (you'd understand if you saw it). Today i'm tackling the kitchen and living room. Lilly and I put up a few Halloween decorations and I think that's about as far as I'll go with that part. We don't have much room for decorations, so we didn't put very many up.


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